What we do

Bell Branding is a multi-channel creative content and brand management consultancy.

What does this mean in plain English?

We work closely with businesses  to develop a strong brand; deliver engaging and original content; and make sure everything you put out matches the quality of customer you want to attract.

How is this done?

It all depends on what you need. Whether a one-off proofing project or a full brand overhaul, we have the tools, skills and partnerships to make it happen. Best of all, we work within any budget you set, so you can have editorial guidance, in-house training, a new website or a new product launch all created without vast overheads.

How do you keep your rates competitive?

We work locally where possible, to improve business networks in North Yorkshire, support local business and reduce overheads by using pedal power to get around!

For our national or long-distance clients, we work remotely using tools such as Skype to make sure you have the same quality one-to-one contact and input from us without travel (and subsequent time) overheads added to the bill.

The team at Bell Branding is very small, and works with specific partners for certain skill requirements such as animation. This means we don’t keep any designers, developers or post room jockeys on retainer – which also helps us to deliver the most personal service possible to you.

Tell me more.

Learn about our creative content services here – or take a look at how we can build your teams from the inside out with training sessions.

I fancy a cuppa.

So do we. Always. Why don’t we sit down together for an informal natter to see if we’re the right fit for you. Contact us via the web form, or call us on 01904 593 124 for a no-obligation sounding board session.

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